Desludging, Cleaning and repairing of Tanks, pets, etc


Tanks cleaning with acots system

Acots offers a safe, fast and efficient method to remove tank bottom sludge while eliminating the high disposal costs by – at client’s request – recovering the previously unusable product for customers use.

Complete mobility of our equipment allows us to respond to tank cleaning problems quickly in a cost-effective way
Safety of plant, equipment and crews represent permanent  priorities throughout our Operations.

Acots  industries has developed a completely new system for recovering  sludge from the interior of these large oil tanks.

 Acots Crude Oil Washing System,  offers great savings in safety time, and manpower.

 Acots uses a proven system that works by directing a submerged jet of  hot crude oil across the bottom of the storage tank and the roof .

The basic principle of Acots system  consists in sweeping up the sludge thanks to single or opposed jets of hot crude oil, slowly rotating horizontally across the tank and by high pressure jet (automatic  nozzle) in the roof tank , and chemical dosing in order to cut, re-suspend and homogenize the valuable hydrocarbons that normally would become trapped in the sludge.

  • The tank cleaning mixes the sludge through a mechanical action and allows Acots system  to extract it from the tank, in a desludging operation, The normal result of a re-suspension is 90% – 98% solids recovered into the overhead oil .
  • Continuous processing of extracted slope, or contaminated soil, and separating it into its base components for disposal, or re-use
  • Cleaning of weathered petroleum lagoons open to the atmosphere
  • Mobilization and removal of liquid phase materials
  • Extensive lab testing to determine nature and composition of lagoon slope
  • Treatment and pumping of weathered slope to the treatment system
  • Separation and recovery of hydrocarbons, water and solids

The Acots system equipment :

  1. sludge pump
  2. boiler
  3. heat exchanger.
  4. high pressure jet .
  5. high pressure jet by nozzle .
  6. chemical dosing.
  7. decanter.

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