Equipment renewal and repair


Equipment renewal and repair

We have realized the industrial engineers dream. We can pick up iron, steel and other parts from the scrap heaps of industry and convert them into valuable parts through the successful repair of worn out and broken parts. Millions of dollars can be saved by this way through reducing inventories of spare parts, which will be repaired. We repair the parts of any tool or equipment , prolong its service life and give a guarantee.

We give the industry the opportunity to recycle parts that would previously have considered beyond repair.
Whatever the cause of wear (abrasion, impact, erosion, corrosion, cavitations, friction….)

We have its repair solution.
We Prform all the welding types such as

Cast iron, Argon welding , Electric, Qxyacetilin, Carbon oxide, Low and High alloy steel, Stainless steel, Nickel alloy, Alumminum alloy , Copper Alloy, Cold and hot powder spray, Flux cord, Surfacing, Submerged arc welding , Soldering , Brazing and flame welding .

We cover all the industrial activities such as

Oil industry, Agriculture , coal mines , Cruching and grinding , Sugar industry, parper mills , Tyers manfactures , Brick and tile works , Mechanical work shops , ceramics factories , Cement factories , Iron and steel factories, Automobile factories , power stations , Sewage treament plants , Rail roads, Glass works, Water treament , Plants.

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