Our service covers the following activities:
- Equipment renewal and repair
- Polymeric metal repair.
- On line leak repairing and control valve testing and certifying
- Desludging, Cleaning and repairing of Tanks, pets, etc
- Ultrasonic cleaning services
- Cleaning and repairing of heat exchangers
- Supply of Oil tools and well head
- Industrial Chemicals Supply
- Drilling Consultant
- Electro chemical platting
- Well Head Maintenance
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During the past years, the Egyptian petroleum industry has been significantly enlarged and improved. Obviously, the need of having strong supporting services national entities have become top priority. The Arabic company for Oil technology and services (ACOTS) has been formed to serve both Petroleum and non Petroleum Industry.
ACOTS is a free zone Company established under the law No. 8 for the year 1997And have its commercial registration No 2732. At the moment it has extended its service to cover Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.
We are establishing our new shop on a 3000 Sq mt area in Maadi Cairo and soon finishing our storing yard in the free zone area in Suez on a 1000 sq mt area.
In Algeria we have Performed many repair jobs for petroleum and non petroleum sectors
im Morocco we have a good activity for providing oil tools and equipment.
  ACOTS since its existence is able to perform maintenance and metal repair for the following sectors:
  • Oil and gas
  • Water and sewage
  • Electric power station
  • High dam
  • Suez canal
  • Cement
  • Iron and steel
  • Railway and transportation
  • Marine
  • Printing
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