On line leak repairing and control valve testing and certifying


We as agent for Petroseal France cover the above services
Industrial security, safety of the operators, energy losses, pollution, unit shutdown... These are some of the major risks generated by leaks that plants personnel are facing daily. Since 1974, Petroseal has been dealing with the manufacturing of sealing compounds, which are used to fix industrial leaks without any plants shutdown.
    ACOTS is the agent of Petroseal in Egypt and Algeria
This technology allows to stop various types of fluids'leakages such as:
- Steam
- Water
- Hydrocarbons and by-products
- Acids and chemicals
Which temperature may vary from -180°C to 700°C and which pressure may reach 240 Bar.
Basically, this process is to install a metallic enclosure around the leak and to inject, throught it, a sealing compound.
    This metallic enclosure can be:
- A clamp, for leaks on bolted gaskets (flanges, heat exchangers, valve bonnets).
- A "G" clamp, for leaks on valve gland packings.
- A machined or box, for leaks on piping systems.

The different types of sealing compounds are compatible with the nature and the operating conditions of the leaking fluid.
This temporary repair, considered as the fastest and the most efficient solution, allows the client to go on with production until the next scheduled shutdown.
Petroseal operates around the clock in all the world, either thought appointed service contractors or though cooperation agreement settled with the Maintenance Departements of industrial plants (oil refineries, petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear and fossil power plants paper mills, sugar plants,...).
ACOTS is under call out in Egypt and Algeria for 24 hours per day to repair anty leak without shutdown
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