Polymeric metal repair


We also cover the Polymeric Metal Repair.

Due to the severe environmental conditions, most of oil industries equipments have continuous attack from the working medium, the thermal, and chemical, and mechanical stresses. These stresses result in cracks, corrosion and erosion wears.

To claim these problems it might be difficult to follow the conventional technologies ( hot welding repair ) to combat these problems.

The other trend is to use a system, which guarantee the correct and safe solution for the problem, tacking into consideration the system feasibility.
The polymeric metal repair system has been applied successfully to solve many severe problems.

These problems covers but not limited to:

- Pumps   - Valves
- Oil tanks - Oil separators
- Oil heaters    - Turbine shafts
- Engines casing    
- High pressure vessels    
- Under water piping    
- Etc    

We cover the repair of the following items.

Rig components- pressure control equipment – generators – compressors, piping – cranes and lifting equipment – Hand tools – Drill bits – Junk mill – casing cutter – drill pipe ends – pumps – rotary table – draw works – drill floor – crown block – derrick – motors – engines – pistons –shafts – valves – gears – cutters –sucker rod surface units ---- etc.

Our activities also includes

  • Tanks repair and maintenance
  • Oil ,gas and water lines installation,hot tapping and repair. 

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