Our service covers the following activities:
- Equipment renewal and repair.
- Polymeric metal repair.
- On line leak repairing and control valve testing and certifying.
- Desludging, Cleaning and repairing of Tanks, pets, etc…
- Ultrasonic cleaning services.
- Cleaning and repairing of heat exchangers.
- Supply of Oil tools and well head. (Acots is the Sole agent Delta Doha.)
- Industrial Chemicals Supply. (Acots is the Sole agent Eazychem)
- Electro chemical platting. (Acots is the Sole agent Dalic France )
- Drilling Consultant.
  These services are performed in connection and with the cooperation of the following Companies.
Multimetall - Germany Delta Doha Corporation Qatar Eazychem – England Petroseal – France
Rohrer group Dalic – France Tech Sonic Services LP
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